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Follow this epic trip to Denmark and take part in this amazing journey! I'll need all the support I can get! Help me go further.

I woke up in Bremen, and went for a spin in the town center before leaving on my final stage. How beautifull Bremen is!

I then left to Puttgarden to catch the boat to Denmark. I arrived in time to catch the huge ferry boat, and the weather keeps on getting colder, even the sea is a dark grey, reflecting the dark cold sky.

I finally arrived at Denmark, leaving behind me 5.500km, 9 countries, and a great deal of effort! I'm so happy to have reached my initial goal, but most of all to have met so many wonderfull people along the way.

I arrived at the capital and went straight to the Copenhagen's portuguese association "Magusto" (a traditional portuguese festival celebrating St. Martin, where people share roast chestnuts). 

The reception was overwhelming and I even had to make a speech. The portuguese ambassador was present, and I even beat my personal sales record in such a small frame of time!

The city seems beautifull, and I'm so anxious for tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!!

big kiss!

- 18:00H

- 13:00H

- 8:30H

Waking up after a night in Amsterdam was quite dificult... But I really wanted to know this amazing city which made me go early to downtown. Here, all is so different to what I've seen along this journey... and the cold weather is tightening more! I drove at the helm of my "Amarelinha" to the store "A LOJA PORTUGESE" where I found Tomaz who received me so well. A LOJA has an incredible space where you can find a lot of good portuguese products. The tasting session was very sucessfull and the customers not only liked Miss Can's products, but also the history of the Mermaid travelling towards Copenhagen.

On my way to Hamburg I ran into a huge storm, so leaving Amesterdam was not easy, although I was fortunate to find a beautiful rainbow leading the way. I didn't find the treasure, but maybe something good is still waiting for me...

After a few hours on the road, I felt quite weary and decided to stay in Bremen instead of Hamburg. I took a stroll through the town center and dined a traditional bavarien dish. It was delicious! Tomorrow I will wake up at full force on my last stage to Denmark. This journey has been an amazing experience, and I'm sure it will accompany me during my life, which I hope will be long!


- 21:00H

- 13:00H

- 9:00H

Luxembourg awoke with rain. I had not yet caught rain on this trip. Only in the very first day of my departure it rained in Lisbon and in Porto.
I got the missing piece to my "Amarelinha"! First I passed in the mechanic and than I pulled to Brussels where I was expected to attend the Bio fair at the Grand Sablon Square. Before I get there, I passed the magnificent Atomium where I took another memorable photo of this trip.
In the fair, I was visited by lots of people who have shown immense interest in my product. Here when they buy, they buy several packs at the same time. That's good!
When the beautiful church next door touched the 18 hours, I packed everything and follow the way to the famous city of Amsterdam.
As I arrived late, I managed to escape to the town entrance traffic. Once assured a safe place for "Amarelinha", I went cycling with a friend of mine who lives here, and got to know every corner of this city... and I even saw other mermaids rather bolder than me!

I arrive to Amsterdam - 22:00H

I have listen so much about Amsterdam and now I'm here!
I already have saved bike, now I will enjoy;)

@Brussels - 19:00H

When I was preparing to pack up my bankroll I had the visit from Commander Yvan Roque and Mr. Paulo Tomaz who were super curious about my story and the cooking method with which we produce our fish cans.
I thank the pack's you have bought and I am sure that with your help soon Miss Can is being distributed in Belgium.

Comme le Moules - 17:00H

I'm here! Apart from the curiosity of passers-by, I have had visits from people who came on purpose to meet me.
They all want to support me and to know what is sold in the charming yellow bike.
And some even bought it, went home and try it and then came back to buy more. I'm going to stay here. This square is so charming.

Another icon - 13:00H

I came to Brussels and went directly to see one more universal monument of this trip.
The "Amarelinha" is ready to curves and even posed for a picture. Now I'm going to Grad Sablon square to give me to know.
Til then!

Almost there... - 7:00H

It was still night and to avoid the traffic in Luxembourg I went to two stores to get a missing piece in my "Amarelinha".
When I got the piece, I flew to the workshop to ensure that the machine will run the rest of the trip.

A homemade breakfast in Paris to gain strength and I went to Luxembourg. Halfway I stopped at the general headquarters of Mumm Champagne, where I've arranged a visit to know the history, the method of manufacture and of course, to taste it. It's amazing how preserve the history in these parts. I didn't know that canned fish combine so well with champagne :)
I followed my trip for I had two actions marked in Luxembourg and my "Amarelina" was still constipated and needing for attention. I arrived at the restaurant Lisboa II that not only had arranged a mechanic, (specialized in Porsches, hehehe ...!) as they had already prepared a Portuguese stew to regain forces, while in the garage they saw what was happening with my bike. The stew was so good and I love the traditional way I was received.
The afternoon was spent in the garage with the "small" David. who already discussed how he could put the motor of a 911 in the "Amarelinha" ;) We tried it all to be ready for action in the Cactus supermarket, but it was impossible. At that times I should be at Cactus, and my bike was still dismantled. It was a shame because, over this trip, and even with some other setbacks, I never failed any encounter.
On this trip, as in life, things happen and we have to find the best way to resolve it and move forward.
Even with "Amarelinha! dismantled I had to follow to the tasting at Lisbon II restaurant . When I got there were already some people and some media reporters.

It was another memorable night. It's has&nbs

My "Amarelinha" is better, but not 100%. - 21:00H

They called me from the Porsche workshop in Luxembourg where the "small" David is taking care of my Ape50. It seems to be better. Great!!!
There are some problems that I will not be able to resolve here but now I can follow! Thank you Carlos and David by the way they treated my bike. Thanks !!!
Thanks again to the best beer in the world to get away with me again;)

- 20:00H

The "Amarelinha" went directly for the promotion tasting. It was very nice to see so many people tasting my tapas! I have already given interviews to newspapers and radio stations and I am being very well received. Ambassador Carlos Pereira Marques just arrive with his wife and I will give them the most attention. The restaurant is very composed and they are all worshiping the Miss Can entrances That's good!!!

It will not be possible :( - 17:30H

Thing are delayed! I have my bike dismantled and I will not be able to be present at the Cactus :( I hope that, despite everything, she will be fine to continue the journey towards Copenhagen. My apologies to those who appeared in Cactus.
Show up in Lisbon II tonight for a great tasting. ;)

Luxembourg came to to help us - 14:00H

In Luxembourg I gave my "Amarelinha" to the hands of the Portuguese community and is already being treated with all the love... let's see how long it will take... I'm worried :(
While I wait, I will relive memories of a beautiful Portuguese cook in Lisbon II restaurant. Humm...Delicious!

Au revoir paris! - 11:30H

Good morning!  I have already left Paris and here I am in Reims (Champagne Region), where I just saw up close how to make the Champagne M.H.Mumm and even experienced a little :)
Still constipated :( but I foresee help of the Portuguese community in Luxembourg...

With all this rhythm the dawn was before sunrise. I walked to meet the Arc de Triomphe Arc and stroll in the beautiful Monceau garden. Then I took the "Amarelinha" and wandered through the city to get to the Eiffel Tower. I turned a corner, I passed a bridge over the Seine river and there she was so glamourous on my right...it was awesome. I went by her side, where I took lots of pictures to help me remember this emocionamente time.
Hasty, I headed to the Tasca Comme a Lisbonne, where my new friend Vitor and its customers where already waiting for me. Presentations made, they offered me some soup and a nice glass of wine, and so I gained the strength to start my catering. The afternoon was like this: Chef Samuel preparing Miss Can tapas and getting people to know better our fish cans and I was selling nonstop my fish packs next to my "Amarelina". I worked until dusk and many Portuguese came to meet me.
Farewells made, I followed home with my "Amarelinha", who got constipated. With great difficulty I managed to get there safe and sound. I'm already dealing with it with someone who will treat her tomorrow in Luxembourg.

After dinner, Claire's home from Maison Macis, took me to see Paris by night. My Lisbon is beautiful but Paris is not that far behind.
Kisses and thank you for all the messages you have send me and have given me so much support in this adventure towards Copenhagen.

The "Amarelinha" is tired! - 20:15H

It seems that all these raids tired my "Amarelinha" :(
I think it is in need of some expert attention. Tomorrow I will solve it.

Cream and fresh Packs! - 17:30H

We are running high here at Comme a Lisbonne. Just taste and buy, and so helping me to go further.
You can also support me to go further, just buying my online packs.

Miss Can @Comme a Lisbonne - 14:00H

I arrived at Comme a Lisbonne and Vitor received me by the good Portuguese way: pumpkin soup, chorizo slices and a nice glass of wine. All of this while the Chef Samuel prepares Miss Can irresistible tapas to whom passes by. Show up because everything seems so good!

Bonjour Paris! - 9:00H

I woke up in the city of love... at daybreak I met the Arc de Triomphe, but I I have another mission, to know the Eiffel Tower.
I ventured myseff by avenues, streets and alleys with an infernal traffic... et voilá! There she was magnificent in front of me.
Now I am a happy mermaid.
In a little while I'll be in Tasca Comme à Lisbonne, to show all my fish products. See you soon!

I took the morning in the center of Dijon after a great breakfast at the famous La Comédie. I liked it to have known the manufacture of mustard but it was not possible. What a pity!
I pulled towards Paris. On the way I stopped in the small medieval town of Semur Auxois. One of the nicest places I went on this trip. Leaving the city I offered a can of spiced sardine to a young man that was looking at my "Amarelinha" (my motorbike). His father soon show up and invited us to come into his home. A former convent of the Minims Order. In exchange for my fish can and brandy that I brought from Portugal, they offered me wine produced by them on their farm. And, surprise of surprises, the town Mayor was the boy's mother! She took the city ribbon and we took a picture with the village on the background. Still they led us to a restaurant to eat a traditional stew. Wonderful!
I headed to Paris to arrive on time to the tasting at Maison Macis.
I got uproar and quickly was giving to prove my fish cans. It ran stupendously and I even open another retail point in Paris. Another Miss Can Friend  throughout the world;)
I went to bed for tomorrow have the strength to know the city of lights and make the tasting at Comme à Lisbonne by lunchtime.
Bisous! (kisses in French)

La morue (The Codfish) - 19:00H

The tasting is going very well. The French are worshiping my packaging and my motorbyke but mostly my fish (cooked steam fish).
Here "la morue" (the codfish) is the king.

Wow...I arrived to the City of Lights !! - 18:00H

I have just arrived to Paris for a degustation of my fish at the store Gourmet at Maison Macis...where I did another grand entrance! :)
If you are in the area...Just show up!

Another pleasant surprise - 12:30H

On the way to Paris, I went to a small town called Semur-en-Auxois, which keeps medieval characteristics with all its beauty and authenticity.
By accident I met the President of the local Chamber, Mme. Catherine Sadon and his family, who was fascinated by my story, marking another highlight of this my adventure.

When he thought things could not get better, I still ate a nice meal regional...it was wonderful!! :)

I'm on my way to Paris, since is nearly here...

Waking up in Dijon ... - 8:30H

I woke up early to meet the beautiful center of Dijon village and take a fine breakfast at the famous "La Comédie".

Now I will prepare myself to follow the road to the city of lights. It's going to be beautiful! :)

Switzerland received me so well and Montreux is a fantastic city.

I follow again towards France mountains, towns and roads with an incredible natural beauty.
It was super motivating arriving to Dijon, after more than 3000km, and feel the community support.
A special hug to Dona Odália, President of the Portuguese Association of Dijon, for her availability and friendship. The work done there for the integration, of Portuguese people seeking a better life, is with out a doubt to be welcomed.

I ended the day on a rollercoaster with my tail upsidedown :)

I leave a kiss to my new friends.

Roller coaster - 21:00H

I could not go to bed without going through the fair and ride on the roller coaster and play a slot machine. What a thrill! My hair was literaly in the air.
Let's see if I can sleep with so much excitement.

I felt like home. - 19:00H

There were several Portuguese who came to Dijon Portuguese Association to meet me. And I gave to prove my steamed fish. They loved it!
Then, as Manuel made us dinner (fried cod), we saw together the three big Portuguese football clubs win.
In the café I heard stories of how they got there and the difficult life they had in the early days as migrants.
Led always a bit of Portugal with them ... (this is my essence!)

- 17:00H

- 11:150H

- 10:00H

Heading to Switzerland, and after a three hours rest and have gone through a rigorous control at the customs, I finally arrived Montreux. Going down to Lake Geneva, the magnificent weather already anticipated the heat would get throughout the day. 
Neither realized the passing hours, such was the warmth I received from people who visited me.

The visit of Ambassador Paulo Tiago Fernandes Jeronimo da Silva and the General Consul of Portugal Miguel Calheiros Velozo also made this a special day.

In the evening I took a walk by the river. In the background the great mountains surrounding the huge lake. This will be forever in my memory. I ended up eating a raclette with new friends on the closing dinner of Portugal on the 11th Exhibition of Contemporary Art Montreux.

Lausanne tomorrow and I will enter again in France (Dijon).

- 19:00H

- 16:00H

A very special visit! - 14:00H

The Ambassador Paulo Thiago Fernandes Jerónimo da Silva came to me to know my story, the prize I won the trip and I'm doing the Portuguese community towards Copenhagen!
A sympathy;)

Miss Can est arrivé! - 11:00H

I'm already inside the hall, ready to give me to know. I even got a lift ride!
Show up!

Portugal's Day at Montreux - 9:15H

After my "rest" of 3 hours in Valence (France), I followed to Montreux where I have to be at 10:30am to participate in the Portugal's Day at the 11th Salon of Contemporary Art Montreux.
If you are nearby, you are my guest.

I woke up with the sun rising and full of force to resolve the hole of yesterday and following way.
I walked by Catalonia and with the excitement of knowing I'd see the universal work of Gaudí, I almost got out of fuel. After refueling I follow road to Caravela Gourmet where everyone was ready to receive me. It was a wonderful afternoon and the Hot Pack was a success. A special kiss to Hugo (Caravela Gourmet) and the General Portuguese Consul in Barcelona, that together made my way through Barcelona "unforgettable".
Switzerland here I come, then I'll see where I will rest.

In the good Portuguese way - 20:30H

Leaving Barcelona I still had to get a little assistance! 
I solved the problem by the good Portuguese way - direct exchange. Electricity for the best beer.
Thank you SUPER BOCK !!

A Portuguese Caravel in Barcelona - 19:00H

This afternoon at Caravela Gourmet, I gave to prove my Hot pack to whom that passed by. Among the visitors there was one that made me so glad, the Portuguese General Consul in Barcelona, Paulo Teles da Gama. He received us warmly, proved our fish and even took along a Creative Pack.

Hasta siempre España!

Gaudí and Miss Can - Two masterpieces :) - 15:30H

I arrived Barcelona! The Sacret Family of Gaudí is really amazing!!
Now I'm going to "Caravela Gourmet" to open my fish cans.
If you are nearby....visit us.

Nobody stops our - 8:30H

Good morning!!! Sleeping outside wasn't so bad :)
The hole is no longer a problem. Catalonia...here I come.

After waking up in Salamanca and drink a coffee in the Plaza Mayor, I gave myself a tour in the city where is the 8th oldest university in Europe. 
I just left there after finding the frog they say gives good luck to those who see him.
I headed to Madrid for the emblematic San Miguel Market. The entrance to the "Amarelinha" (our motorcycle's name) in the crowded market was unforgettable (movie on my facebook).
In the early evening I headed to Zaragoza but was interrupted by another flat tire. At his hour is impossible to do anything. Tomorrow is a new day!
I will sleep outside. Hmmm so good...

Ups...another flat tire! - 23:40H

It seems that the left tire didn´t want to get behind the right one. So on the day after...another flat tire.
At this time, where I am, I can no longer solve this. It seems that I'll have to sleep outside...

- 18:00H

San Miguel Market - 14:00H

I'm already where everyone wants to be! San Miguel Market in Madrid...Show up! Come and see me at Cafe del Art.

Good morning Salaman - 9:00H

Nothing like starting the day in the Plaza Mayor, considered by many the most beautiful square in Spain.

Finally this EPIC journey began!
Great reception at the São Jorge Castle for my departure. I even got blessed!
I was super well received in Oporto and I also made new friends.
By this time I received the news that I had already appeared on RTP1 (National TV Channel)!
After a small mishap to reach Viseu, I finally found a restaurant where I ate my last meal in Portuguese soil.
I arrived late to Salamanca, but super happy for this day.

Hola Spain - 2.45H

I arrived in Salamanca healthy and sound, zzzz...

I've got legless - 21:45H

Hole on the trailer... I hope it was the first and only to Denmark!
Sorted out. I will move on.

Invicta! (Portuguese - 18:00H

Received at the shore of Oporto by RTP 3 (National TV Channel) to talk about entrepreneurship, travel and my wonderful steamed fish.
And I could not talk about my canning without mentioning the factory where all my references are produced. Thanks "Poveira" for your support on this adventure and for the exceptional quality of my fish.

Here I go... - 12.00H

It seemed that after a rainy morning, we would have troubles to get out of Lisbon.  But with the priest's blessing the sky cleared up and the "Amarelinha" went on the road to Copenhagen.